Wheelchair Cookie Cutter: „New Accessible Icon“-Edition.

Just before Christmas I posted this photograph of a wheelchair cookie cutter on instagram. The reactions I received were very positive and people inquired as to where they might be able to buy one themselves.

Was für eine coole Ausstechform: #wheelchair #cookie

Ein von Raul Krauthausen (@raulkrauthausen) gepostetes Foto am

The internet had this to offer.
However, I thought to myself that there might also be another way to do it. And so I asked my buddy Ben at 5meter.de if he would be interested in printing a cookie cutter based on the new Accessible Icon with a 3D printer.
Accessible Icon

As you can see here, the result is quite impressive:

I haven’t had the chance yet to bake cookies with the wheelchair cookie cutter myself, but if you like, you can 3D-printer-.stl-file here and get started! 🙂


Facebook-Follower Julia already started baking:

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